Saig Signature Massage
Exclusive treatment that includes CBD

infused cream, aromatherapy and

hot stones with therapeutic massage 60 min $80

Classic Swedish

This full body massage revives fatigued & tired muscles using

light to medium pressure promoting total mind & body relaxation.

30 Min $45 - 60 Min $70 - 90 Min $98

Deep Tissue

A firmer pressure therapeutic massage that targets

specific muscle groups, melting away chronic tension

while increasing flexibility & decreasing pain.

Pressure always adjusted to clients comfort level.

30 Min $50 - 60 Min $75 - 90 Min $104

Hot Stone

Penetrating heat from warm, smooth stones relax

& heal tense muscles & sore joints as well as soothing &

rejuvenating the mind & body. With Swedish techniques,

experience an unforgettable relaxing treatment.

60 Min $80 - 90 Min $110


Sometimes called “Barefoot" Massage, this is a deep,

gliding treatment using feet vs. hands that stimulates

a deeper relaxation and revitalization.

60 Min $70 - 75 Min $80  - 90 - Min  $98


A Japanese form of energy work, performed with the

hands above or lightly touching the fully clothed body.

This natural therapy helps reduce stress & encourages

relaxation which turns on the body's natural healing

abilities & improves health & wellness.

60 Min $65

Reiki 1 & 2 Classes

Ask Shelbee- Reiki Master Teacher

Bee Well Reiki Massage

The ultimate experience of therapeutic massage & Reiki

in-a-one-of-a-kind healing treatment.

60 Min $70 - 90 Min $98

Acupressure Face lift Massage

A sensational experience of combining a facial massage & acupressure that

encourages relaxation & rejuvenation of the face, neck, & shoulders.

Acupressure increases muscle tone & blood flow while balancing

energy flow & improving skin tone


CBD Therapeutic Massage

CBD oil used throughout massage calming stress, anxiety and reducing

pain and inflammation.

60 Min $77 - 90 Min $105



I am not taking new massage clients at this

time unless referred by a current client.  Thank you.